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Knives can cut you if you aren't careful o.O

Name: Brittany
Age: 18
Location: Loserville, Kensucky
Birthday: May 18, 1989
Zodiac: Taurus
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight
Lineage: Saiyan...bahahaha.

•Behind the Mask•

Decribe yourself in 5 words: Blunt, independent, loyal, intelligent, quirky
Likes: Let's see...I love ♥♥♥♥♥♥ video games, anime, manga, discovering new music, wasting my days on the interweb (haha), and reading insightful things such as philosophy or others' ideas about why we're all here. I like to type, and I like feeling as though I accomplish things online. I like to complete profiles and all that and update things so that people might want to visit. I like to talk on AIM to the few best friends I have who haven't decided they're too good for me. Also I love going to a nice bookstore with or without friends and curling up with manga or a good book in one of the most comfortable chairs near the coffee shops. I like being in a cool, clean room, and dying my hair when my parents decide it's okay. Also I love to spend time with my boyfriend...of course. XD I love to download music and anime and search for new LJ communities I think might be fun. I LOVE TYPING IN CAPS WHEN I'M EXCITED!!!!! xD I like meeting people online rather than in person unless I know them FROM online, because there is way more conversation and WAY MORE like-minded people. I know that I will like everyone who posts in my application because we all love Eva and everyone is so nice. So, yeah ♥♥♥
Dislikes: I am sorry to say that I do not like most people because of the experiences I have had in school all of my life and the way they hurt each other and themselves. Pro-ana communities really piss me off. I just want to go in there guns blazing and ask them all what is so wrong with the way they look that they want to kill themselves over it. I hate being home all the time, and feeling as if I am wasting time. I don't like being stuck at home while the world turns and I could be turning with it. I don't like being fat, most people, or eternal optimists. I also don't like those against abortion, because I feel it's my body and my choice. I hate religious people, not as individuals but for the message they send when they try to cram religion down my throat. I hate country music and rednecks. Also, I don't like when there are tons of people outside when I walk my dog. It makes me feel sort of insecure, like they're going to laugh at me because I'm overweight and I am not the most accepted version of beauty. I also don't like teenage girls...most of them, because I feel like I don't fit in with any of them. It's a very odd and alienating feeling. I don't like how my parents make me feel about I am not who they wanted to raise at all.
Talents: I'm gonna list my strong points...I am independent and I can survive well on my own. I am fiercely loyal to those I care about and would defend them to the death if I had to. Even if some little skank is just running her mouth about how my best friend looked in her new skirt, I'm gonna be on her like Asuka on Kaji. I am a good listener, writer, and I am creative. I can understand many complex concepts pretty easily the first time I hear them, and I am good at cheering my friends who are down in the dumps up with absurd or vulgar humor - hey, that's the kind they like! I can spell, and I have a good sense of aesthetics and color. I am very thrifty when I need to be and I know how to make decisions based on logic rather than my feelings. I tell things like it is rather than sugarcoat things because I don't see the point in making the truth any less serious than it should be. All my life is harsh reality, why shouldn't yours be? Not to be mean, that's just how I see can fantasize, but try to be a little grounded. I dream too, but I know when things are going down that I can't control. I am good at schoolwork, and I am good at making friends, believe it or not! :-] I really am not as mean as I seem! I am not afraid to tell total strangers, such as rude cashiers or employees at restaurants, that they are in the wrong and I do not appreciate the way they treat me or my friends/family.
Hobbies: Gaming, loitering on LJ, listening to and discovering music, talking to friends on AIM or the phone, or watching anime.
Favorite color: Red and black.
Favorite Food: Anything Chinese.
Favorite Movies: The End of Evangelion, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Donnie Darko
Music: Franz Ferdinand, Slipknot, The Bird and the Bee, Aural Vampire, Ayumi Hamasaki, Utada Hikaru, Yui, The Beatles, John Lennon, Cibo Matto, Linkin Park, A Perfect Circle, Aerosmith
Phobias: I am terrified of bugs and heights.
Goals: I want to be remembered and I want to be loved by the ones I love and hated by my enemies to the day I die.
Give song lyrics that describe you:

But let's not get too cynical.
You'd die for applause.
But could you live on for no reward?
You wake up, you're older, your plans just got smaller.
Your children smile.
You never even thought that you'd still be here today.
Get up, stop crying.
You're nothing real.
You're just someone I've been.
And you look into the mirror and it asks you from behind the wall
How anyone could find you beautiful

•This or That•

Hero or villain? Villain...they always do what you really wish the hero would.
Past or future? The future...I live in anticipation.
Water or fire? Water, because it's cooling and soothing.
Wisdom or knowledge? Wisdom. Knowledge is equally important but wisdom can be more useful in dealing with everyday situations.
Reality or fiction? Fiction...
Simplicity or complexity? Complexity. I don't enjoy the shallow.
Cautious or brave? Brave. I love to do what I want when I want to do it.

•Ideas are bullet-proof•

A paragraph on something political you feel strongly about:

Does abortion count? I am strongly against those who feel that they can tell me, a woman, what I can do with my own body. If I don't want a little parasite feeding off of me for 9 months, then that's my prerogative. If you don't like it, that's just your tough luck. No one should ever have control over what goes into, on, or even comes out of my own body, because that is the ultimate invasion of privacy.

•V for Vendetta•

Favorite character: V
Least favorite character: I don't really have one.
If you were given a chance to look behind V's mask, would you? Of course. I'd have to, to kiss him. :P
Would you have joined V's revolution? No doubt about it.

One or two pictures of yourself please. If you have none, you can describe how you look:

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