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Knives and Explosives: A Girl's Best Friend

Name: Amanda. Ant to a select few.
Age: 17
Location: Philadelphia. (To which I say "meh")
Birthday: April 17th
Zodiac: Aries. Horse in the Chinese zodiac
Gender: Female
Orientation: Striaght
Lineage: Italian, German, Irish, and Spanish. I might be a little bit British too (which would be amazing because Britians = sexy.)

•Behind the Mask•

Decribe yourself in 5 words: Contradicting. Funny (Unintentionally). Loud. Caring. Stubborn.
Likes: Music (a bit of everything, but mostly rock), books, movies, being with my friends, oogling hot men on the intarwebs, acting, singing, annnd a bit of dancing.
Dislikes: Incredibly stupid people, being itchy, people who don't pronounce their h's, and bad acting.
Talents: Not too bad at acting or singing. And I can be pretty book-smart.
Hobbies: Acting. Internet surfing.
Favorite color: I have a lot. Red, blue, purple, green.
Favorite Food: Have a lot of those too. Ice cream, anything pasta, and barbeque corn chips, for starters.
Favorite Movies: The Princess Bride, Pirates of the Caribbean, Chicago, Phantom of the Opera, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and V for Vendetta (you saw that one coming). And that's just for starters. I loooove movies.
Music: Just a bit of everything (except country). A little rap. Some pop. Some classical. Some jazz. Lotta rock. Green Day, Franz Ferdinand, Interpol, The Smiths, Death From Above 1979 are some of my particular favorites.
Phobias: Death and what comes after it. And clowns.
Goals: To be successful in life. To make money. To be happy, really. To live a full, happy life is what I want more than anything.
Give song lyrics that describe you:
Auuugh, this is a tough one. *ponders*

Far away
This ship has taken me far away
Far away from the memories
Of the people who care if I live or die

I will be chasing a starlight
Until the end of my life
I don't know if it's worth it anymore...

Our hopes and expectations
Black holes and revelations

Muse ~ Starlight

•This or That•

Hero or villain? Hm. This is hard. I really don't fit in either of these roles. I'm more of a sidekick. A good guy. But not a main character.
Past or future? Future. The past holds great memories (as well as some bad ones), but you can't really do anything with it. You decide what you do with your future.
Water or fire? Fire is pretty. But water.. I dunno, I've felt a thing with the water. It's... flowing, free.
Wisdom or knowledge? Wisdom. I really don't have any as of yet, but it's how people really get to understand anything in life, you know.
Reality or fiction? I love fiction. Reading fantastic stories about daring adventures and true love is right up my alley. Obviously, I LIVE in reality. But I rather like fiction better.
Simplicity or complexity? This is a really hard one. Simplicity is so much easier. But the world doesn't work that way. That would be like trying to seperate things into black and white. But I do enjoy life's simplicities. Walking in the rain, getting ice cream from Mr. Softee, and stuff like that. But that's a different kind of simplicity. If it comes down between the simplicity of living life in the dark and out of the know and the complexity of knowing the details, I have to choose complexity.
Cautious or brave? Cautious. I'm not one for brave, heoric gestures. I'm kind of a scaredy-cat.

•Ideas are bullet-proof•

A paragraph on something political you feel strongly about:
Gay Marriage:

I really, really do not understand why gay marriage is illegal. Mariage is meant to join two people in love, right? Why should the gender matter? Some people say that gay people want marriage only to avoid paying taxes. (Or something along the lines of saving money. Forgive me, I'm not 100% informed on the issue.) But don't straight people do the same thing? And we're not banning marriage altogether, now are we? Then some people say it should be illegal because it's in the Bible. Uh, I'm sorry. But do we make it against the law to not go to church on Sunday? Or do we HAVE to go to confession? No. So why do people have to follow this religious law too?

•V for Vendetta•

Favorite character: V. Yeah, kind of an obvious choice. But he really is an amazing and interesting character. He stands up for his ideals, he's extremely clever and witty, he has amazing tastes in music and literature, and he's quite the gentleman. You know, when he isn't out killing people.
Least favorite character: Sutler. He scares me, man. And has a bad habit o spitting when he talks, which is obvious on the giant screen TV he uses to communicate. He's loud, narrow-minded, and to be completely blunt, a douchebag. OH, AND LILLIMAN WAS SO FREAKING CREEPY EW EW EW.
If you were given a chance to look behind V's mask, would you? Yes. I would have liked to have known who the man behind the idea was. I wouldn't have done it without his permission though. it wouldn't have been right.
Would you have joined V's revolution? It would have taken some serious thought, but in the end I would have. I don't like people telling me how to think or what to do.

One or two pictures of yourself please. If you have none, you can describe how you look:

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