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Denny's... where the spoons are sharper than the knives.

Name: Sarah Elizabeth Rose, aka Jingle Hopper
Age: 19
Location: sweet home Chicago
Birthday: 2-26-87
Zodiac: Western - Pisces/Sun, Aquarius/Moon, Taurus/Rising. Eastern - Fire Rabbit/Fire Snake
Gender: Female
Orientation: Apathetic
Lineage: Scottish, Italian, Cajun, Jewish, Irish, Romani, German, Native American = high alcohol tolerance XDDD

•Behind the Mask•

Decribe yourself in 5 words: Creative; batshit insane; aesthetically oriented
Likes: Pretty clothing, gypsy skirts, ren garb, shiny objects, science - chemistry, astronomy, astrophysics, the works - reading, writing, singing, music of all kinds, writing music and poetry, playing my guitars, Philly walks, cats, gaming, the internet, is for, porn... Denny's at three AM with my 'crew, creamer shots, awesome parties with good alcohol, peace and quiet, nature, hiding in the woods, trees, water, the ocean, languages, ikebana, tea, chocolate, raw steak
Dislikes: Stupid people, aka the majority of humanity. Being seen as inferior to anyone. Authority figures, which often coincides with stupid people. Modern society as a whole. Smelly dogs.
Talents: I can sing, write, make things - from the planet in my head to a cool looking outfit, yay for crafty type skills - and I've got good instincts. Honestly, anything I put my mind to, I can excel at. I just have to give a shit.
Hobbies: Gaming, wasting time, reading, cooking, playing with my cats, writing, singing, listening to music.
Favorite color: True violet and cerulean.
Favorite Food: Chinese food. Mmm. <3 New Hunan.
Favorite Movies: Eurotrip, Boondock Saints, Tank Girl, Battle Royale, Spaceballs and Rocky Horror
Music: Anything, excepting the top 40, bad rap and folk. I love rock, goth, industrial, techno, old school pop, 70's psychedelic rock... from Jefferson Airplane to Led Zeppelin to NIN to Savatage to Sonata Arctica to Voltaire to Cascada to O-ZONE to TATY... gimme it. *laughs* Also, Celtic music = <3.
Phobias: Spiders crawling on me without my permission; the dark.
Goals: "...stepped on by an elephant while making love"? Hell if I know. Take over the world?
Give song lyrics that describe you:

You say that I am too
So much of what you say is true
I'll never find someone quite like you again

The razors and the dying roses
Plead I don't leave you alone
The demigods and hungry ghosts
And God, God knows I'm not alone

I... I looked into your eyes and saw
A world that does not exist
I... I looked into your eyes and saw
A world I wish I was in...

I'll never love someone quite the way
That I loved you

Touched, by VAST

•This or That•

Hero or villain? Villain, please. "Evil always wins because good is DUMB."
Past or future? Medieval past! With MAGIC!
Water or fire? Mmm. Water. I like to play with fire, but I AM water, so.
Wisdom or knowledge? Wisdom. Knowledge can always be acquired, but wisdom isn't as easy as opening a book and reading.
Reality or fiction? Fiction, please. Preferably the one in my head.
Simplicity or complexity? It should be so complex that it becomes simple again. Both together.
Cautious or brave? Cautious, as in, why get into the line of fire myself if I can convince someone else to? Fanaticism comes in SO handy, sometimes... now I know why the government uses it.

•Ideas are bullet-proof•

A paragraph on something political you feel strongly about:

All politicians should be shot. Should I repeat that five times for a paragraph? Hehe. I know, I could be arrested for terrorism just for saying it. And that's what sickens me. You know, my American ancestors, the ones as started this mudpit country, they came here to escape religious prosecution. They said that the government wasn't doing its job or fulfillings its responsibilities to them. So they left (and took a lot of land with them too, but that's irrelevant here). My point is, that document so many Americans hold dear says that we have not only the right but the RESPONSIBILITY to overthrow a government that doesn't do its job. And I've thought about that a lot lately. Sure, the garbage still gets picked up, and the buses run, and the basic infrastructure hasn't been shot to hell yet. But the government is beginning to fail in its duty to serve -everyone-, and not just large corporations and the fat spiders that head them up.

Therefore, it becomes time for revolution.

•V for Vendetta•

Uhm. This is the point where you throttle me. I haven't seen the movie yet. I'm going over to a friends' house tonight to watch it, but I figured it would be ideal to fill out the application BEFORE I got biased, knowing who the characters are. ^_^''''

Favorite character:
Least favorite character:
If you were given a chance to look behind V's mask, would you? I can answer this now - YES! Always. Us cats LOVE secrets. Scary or not, I'd be smug in the knowing.
Would you have joined V's revolution? Probably. I like revolutions, as you can see.

After I see it, I'll come back and put in my favourite characters, ne?

One or two pictures of yourself please. If you have none, you can describe how you look:

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