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That is one hell of a knife

Name: if you couldn't tell by the username
Age: 17, going to be 18 on 12/30
Location: Rochester, New York
Birthday: 12/30/88
Zodiac: Capricorn
Gender: Female
Orientation: Meaning sexual? Straight
Lineage: Think of almost any European country, and I probably have some of it in my blood. But I'm mostly Italian, Irish and French

•Behind the Mask•

Decribe yourself in 5 words: Ambitious, Caring, Intelligent, Cunning and Brave
Likes: Anything having to do with the theatre. It's my life. I love to read, the classics mainly, but I love newer books as well, such as Harry Potter. I love school, and I love writing.
Dislikes: Homophobes, Racists, Ignorance, Idiots
Talents: Singing, acting and writing
Hobbies: Reading, writing, going online, watching movies.
Favorite color: Black, crimson and green are all tied for 1st.
Favorite Food: Spaghetti.
Favorite Movies: Titanic and Phantom of the Opera are tied for #1, quickly followed by V for Vendetta, and the Harry Potter movies.
Music: I pretty much listen to Broadway musical soundtracks, but I love almost all kinds of music. My favorites are classical and soft rock.
Phobias: Moths...completely unrational fear, but they scare the shit out of me. Same goes for clowns...I hate clowns!
Goals: To either be a journalist of some kind (preferably writing for a newspaper), or an actress on Broadway.
Give song lyrics that describe you: Nighttime sharpens/Hightens each sensation/Darkness stirs and wakes imagination

•This or That•

Hero or villain? Hero
Past or future? Future
Water or fire? Water
Wisdom or knowledge? Eek! Tough
Reality or fiction? Fiction
Simplicity or complexity? Complexity
Cautious or brave? Brave

•Ideas are bullet-proof•

A paragraph on something political you feel strongly about: I feel very strongly about religious issues. I feel like there are too many intolerances in the world, from all religions. Christians againt Muslims, Muslims against Jews and so on and so forth. People think that only one religion is right, when each religion has something we should look in on and find inspiring. The only time that religion is wrong, is when it's extreme. You get extreme Christians who are completely intolerant of other religions, and homosexuals, and books that don't agree with their views, and Christianity is supposed to be about love, tolerance, and acceptance of all people. And as an Agnostic, I feel everybody should at least try to read up on all religions, and stop the ignorance and hatred while we can. And religious intolerance, in my opinion is found in ignorance.

•V for Vendetta•

Favorite character: Evey and/or V. They are both just amazingly well written characters, and I feel everybody can relate to them.
Least favorite character: I'd have to say it's a tie between Sutler, Creedy and Prothero. They all stand for things that I don't like, intolerance and hate.

If you were given a chance to look behind V's mask, would you? No...he doesn't want people to see his face, and I wouldn't want to betray him. And it's not important to me, what he would look like.
Would you have joined V's revolution? Of course I would have. I agree with many of the things he stands for. And I'm always up for a good revolution!

One or two pictures of yourself please. If you have none, you can describe how you look:
This one was taken a while ago:
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This is more recent:
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