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Uh, V has two throwing knives.

Name: Katie
Age: 19
Location: Maryland
Birthday: September 2, 1988
Zodiac: Virgo (or dragon, if we're doing the Chinese zodiac thing)
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight :)
Lineage: I'm half greek, half irish.

•Behind the Mask•

Decribe yourself in 5 words: Uh... well... I'm creative, innocent, determined... evolving, eager-to-please
Likes: Happy endings, that warm fuzzy feeling you get when something good happens, dogs, cats,
Dislikes: Any type of math, being harrassed, offending people
Talents: Acting, singing, drawing
Hobbies: The above, needlepoint, writing
Favorite color: Silver and pink.
Favorite Food: I like a LOT. I like to eat. But I suppose something to do with potatoes.
Favorite Movies: V for Vendetta of course, Pirates of the Caribbean, 1776, Sweeney Todd ( I know I'll love it already!) Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hallow, Nightmare Before Christmas, pretty much every disney movie EVER (except for Jungle Book cause that one sucked). Pride and Prejudice (the one with Colin Firth and NOT Keira Knightley), Phantom of the Opera... Im sure I have more.
Music: All musicals you can think of, Nightwish, Evanescence, Within Temptation, oldies (60s and 70s, I don't like 80s)
Phobias: Wow, a lot. spiders and all sorts of creepy crawly things, crabs and lobsters (don't ask), rejection
Goals: Be famous, be braver, write an AMAZING BOOK like the Giver
Give song lyrics that describe you:
My life goes on in endless song
Above Earth's lamentations
I hear the real, yet far off song
That hails a new creation.
no storm can shake my in-most calm while to that rock I'm clinging
It sounds an echo in my soul
How can I keep, how can I keep from singing?

•This or That•

Hero or villain? Hero
Past or future? Past
Water or fire? fire
Wisdom or knowledge? knowledge
Reality or fiction? reality
Simplicity or complexity? simplicity
Cautious or brave? cautious

•Ideas are bullet-proof•

A paragraph on something political you feel strongly about:
Well. A thing I feel strongly about is the concervation of the envoirnment for the generations to come. Though I believe that this is an issue that will take many years to resolve, we should at least begin to pave the way for progress. President Bush should try to educate the American people on how to reduce their carbon footprints on the earth. Many people do not know many ways to help. However, with education, passion, and hard work, concerving the Earth is a very reachable goal.

•V for Vendetta•

Favorite character: Evie, V, and Valerie are all tied for my favorites.
Least favorite character: Ugh, the Chancellor. He's disgusting.
If you were given a chance to look behind V's mask, would you? I'd ask him first. If he said yes, I would have. If he said no, I would respect his wishes.
Would you have joined V's revolution? Oh definately. I'd want to be one of the head people under V. And oh my God, I would definately hunt the guy that killed that little girl with the glasses and kick his ass.

One or two pictures of yourself please. If you have none, you can describe how you look:

Me with my boyfriend! (har har!)

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